Le Veau Haute Couture

Following ancient tradition
calves are raised "under the mother"

Distinguished with the Red Label standard since 1971, calves are raised with only the mothers milk, representing the very highest quality of French veal today.

The new promise
of silk grain veal

In the face of today's diversity of production, grain de soie have put an innovative system in place which guarantees the exceptional quality of its produce.

Veal meat
enters the big league

With its fine, silky texture and marbling, grain de soie veal has entered the world of fine gourmet dining and gastronomic connaisseurs.

Silk grain veal delivered to your door
Veau grain de soie, literally translated "Silk Grain Veal", is a very rare commodity.

Rare, not only because of its exceptional quality, but also because it comes from a very limited production by a few selected farmers in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

The veal is mostly distributed to high quality butchers and restaurants in South West France, but also in Paris and the Cote d'Azur where the meat is appreciated by connaisseurs of gourmet dining.

Restaurant owners, butchers and other professionals who are interested in this exceptional produce can contact us using the links below.

All articles are vacuum packed and shipped in insulated packaging. For this reason, and to ensure absolute freshness, we only send out orders once a week: orders confirmed by Friday night are normally sent out the following Thursday (except when there are public holidays).


Every month we reserve some of the very best produce for sale directly to customers throughout France and, soon, to neighbouring countries (please contact us for shipping rates). For this purpose we have created The Silk Grain Veal Box which includes the range of our gastronomic delights, available in 5kgs ("Selection") and 10kgs ("Prestige") sizes.
Sausages (100% veal with lamb casings) are also available.

Please send an enquiry for rates of overseas shipping and special delivery.

Professional enquiries welcome: restaurants, butchers, wholesalers - please use the contact links below


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